We have had a long term relationship with Nancy and Brock Brunkhorst since they built our home 9 years ago. We worked together for about two years before the actual construction of the home, planning and discussing the various aspects of the home. We found Nancy and Brock to be very creative in their suggestions to make our home the ideal home for us to live in for the remainder of our life. They worked tirelessly to put together a realistic budget and then execute the construction flawlessly. They were always receptive to changes and were amazingly easy to work with especially since we were living half way across the country at the time of the construction. Despite the distance , there was excellent communication and we never felt that we were not in “control” of the construction and intimately involved in the decisions. If we were ever to build another home, we would not hesitate using Nancy and Brock. They both are wonderful!
Drs. Linda and Dan Francisco
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